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#BM-710-FO #BM-710-FP #BM-710-FG #BM-710-FBL


Massage head with auto-clockwise or counter-clockwise function.





4 soft springy massage heads with built-in heating and kneading.

For your neck muscles with simulations shiatsu massage.

Against your back, waist muscle with simulation kneading massage.

Placed in the car seat you can eliminate your long-distance driving fatigue.

Portable and easy to operate.


Press the on/off function button for the first time, opening massage and heating    function, enter scheduled 20 minute massage.

Press the on/off function button for the second time, heating function stop.

Press the on/off function button for the third time, all feature stops.

Power adaptor
Input:100~240VAC / 50-60Hz
Output:12VDC / 2.5A
Car cigarette power connector
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