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#BS-9818A  Coin-operated cyber darts machine -New type
For mini Bar or shop business!
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Soft-tips electronic dartboard technology
International tournament system ( 15-3/4" target dim.)
Automatic scoring system
Automatic coin-contrast sensor system for each different coin value, coin / credit adjustment or multi-coin coin selector for 6 different coins simultaneously
High quality announcer's voice and sound effect system
● Program setup system
● Easy Program options for business owners and personal players
● 9 games for 4 players and teams. ( 01 games and Cricket games )
Bull's-eye score free setup for 50 or 25
● Dart out leading system
● Cyber fun games for solo player
● 3 LED strips highlight the target
● 2 stereo speakers
one year warranty
*Spare parts (standard package):
1. User's manual in English
2. Assembly accessories
3. 2 keys
4. 24 pcs. soft-tip bar darts
5. 150 pcs. spare soft- tips
Two kinds of coin acceptors for options:
1- Contrast-coin coin selector
Capability for all coins of currently manufactured
Select coins by coin's diameter, thickness and materials
3 ways adjustable timer switch for synchronizing with software
Triple sensors and anti-string mechanism protect machine from tricks and miscounting
Allow for connecting to counter.
●Coin diameter: 18mm~31mm.
●Coin thickness: 1.2mm~3.0mm.
2- Multi-coin coin Selector
Accept up to 6 different coins simultaneously
●An 8-bit DIP Switch can change the pulse on site
●For Euros, 100% accept coins: 5-cent, 10-cent, 20-cent, 50-cent, 1-Euro and 2-Euro
●Coin diameter: 17mm~31mm.
●Coin thickness: 1.0mm~3.0mm.

PPD / MPR Score check after the game

LED strips highlight the target

Products size: L60xW18xH77.2cm
Packing carton size:L67xW25xH87cm
N.Weight: 16.5 Kgs
G.Weight: 20 Kgs
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